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Postby Timm » Mon Feb 25, 2019 8:25 am


How can I get information about the print jobs that are currently being printed?
Which printers are currently active, the current page number and total pages.

Best regards

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Re: Printjobs

Postby ignacio » Mon Feb 25, 2019 8:18 pm


I'm afraid that information is not given by Xailer. I guess, that information maybe given by the printer spooler which has its own API. I'm sorry I can not offer you better help.

Ignacio Ortiz de Zúñiga
[Equipo de Xailer / Xailer team]
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Re: Printjobs

Postby Timm » Tue Feb 26, 2019 9:45 am

Hi Ignacio,

I found this code in the google group comp.lang.xharbour:

Code: Select all

#include ""
#include ""

IMPORT OpenPrinter( par1, par2, par3 ) FROM winspool.drv
IMPORT StartDocPrinter( par1, par2, par3 ) FROM winspool.drv
IMPORT WritePrinter( par1, par2, par3, par4 ) FROM winspool.drv
IMPORT EndDocPrinter( par1 ) FROM winspool.drv
IMPORT ClosePrinter( par1 ) FROM winspool.drv
IMPORT GetJob( par1, par2, par3, par4, par5, par6 ) FROM winspool.drv

   C structure DOC_INFO_1 align 4
      member pDocName    is CTYPE_CHAR_PTR
      member pOutputFile is CTYPE_CHAR_PTR
      member pDataType   is CTYPE_CHAR_PTR
   end C structure

   C structure JOB_INFO_1
      member JobId        is CTYPE_UNSIGNED_LONG
      member pPrinterName is CTYPE_CHAR_PTR
      member pMachineName is CTYPE_CHAR_PTR
      member pUserName    is CTYPE_CHAR_PTR
      member pDocument    is CTYPE_CHAR_PTR
      member pDatatype    is CTYPE_CHAR_PTR
      member pStatus      is CTYPE_CHAR_PTR
      member Status       is CTYPE_UNSIGNED_LONG
      member Priority     is CTYPE_UNSIGNED_LONG
      member Position     is CTYPE_UNSIGNED_LONG
      member TotalPages   is CTYPE_UNSIGNED_LONG
      member PagesPrinted is CTYPE_UNSIGNED_LONG
      member Submitted    is CTYPE_VOID_PTR
   end C structure

Unfortunately this only works with xHarbour.
Do you have a hint for me, how I can port the code to Harbour?

Best regards


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