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OnEdit in TBrowse

XBase programming language in english
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OnEdit in TBrowse

Postby Srdjan » Sun Jun 22, 2008 1:39 pm

In init modul I have
::oBRW:aCols[3]:OnEdit := "UzmiSifru"
METHOD UzmiSifru( oSender, oPrevCtl ) CLASS TPrijemZ
LOCAL oRS := TBChoice( "SELECT Naziv, Sifra, Code, VPCena, MPCena, JMere
FROM Sifre", "Izbor artikla" )
LOCAL nSifra := IF( VALTYPE(oRS)=="N", 0, oRS:Sifra )
IF nSifra == 0
oRS := TNoviArtikal():New()
oSender:oDataField:VarPut( nSifra )
msgbox( str(nSifra)+oSender:oDataField:cName )
Why I can't change value in cell?

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