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Important news in Xailer Professional

Publicado: Mar Jun 08, 2021 4:44 pm
por ignacio
Dear users,

Today we publish Xailer 7.1 with a very important news for Xailer Professional that we hope will be to your liking. Please take a look at the following article that we have published on our blog: https://info.xailer.com/en/?p=400

Xailer 7.1 also incorporates a new functionality for those who do not have yet ;-) the Enterprise version, which consists in that absolutely all Xailer controls are accessible from the IDE, in any Xailer version: Demo, Personal and Professional. When a user includes a control in a form that is not accessible in its current version, the IDE will display a notification in the message window, which will not prevent its use. At compilation and linking time, if the IDE detects that some control has been used that you do not have the right to use with your current version of Xailer, it will show a warning and link the executable in DEMO mode, which means that it will work correctly, as long as it is run from the IDE. In this way, we allow users of the Personal and Professional version to see everything that more advanced versions of Xailer offer.

All the best