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Error Loading Frx

FastReport for Xailer & [x]Harbour (English/Spanish)
Milan Mehta
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Error Loading Frx

Postby Milan Mehta » Tue Mar 18, 2014 4:24 pm

I suddenly started having problem with a project using Frx.
My following code started giving problem. When I run the program execution at this point, windows gives out error :
"windows has stopped working."
WITH OBJECT oReport := TFastReport():New( Self )
:AddDataSet( "MemDataSet", AppData:F201MEMDATASET )
:cFileName := cFr3FileName
However if I remove :cFileName := cFr3FileName line from the code, it works fine. I can manually select the same file and it works fine.
What has gone wrong ?
Secondly I tried downloading the latest Harbour nightly build and tried to compile the application. It gives out following error while linking :
"D:Xailer3.2hb32compmingwBinld: cannot find -lxharbour"
Kindly guide.
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Error Loading Frx

Postby ignacio » Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:29 pm

With the information given is not possible to know what can be happening. BTW, the error message does not help either. If you could make a small sample that reproduces your error it will be great.
About the Harbour night build: we can not assure it will work with Harbour lastest night build since obviously that is out of our hands. BTW, you can try to copy the missing library from our MinGw installation.
Ignacio Ortiz de Zúñiga
[Equipo de Xailer / Xailer team]

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